Where can I purchase Lightning Soft Paws?

You have a few options. Lightning Soft Paws products are available on this site, Etsy, and Amazon.

Do you ship Worldwide?

We currently ship to Canada and the US. 

How often should I use the products?

For the paw cream, we recommend daily use until you see you desired results. After that you can use the cream every few days.

For the paw shield, we recommend before walks but especially before you know you will be encountering hot surfaces, frozen terrain, or rough ground.

Finally for the paw soap, whenever your pup gets dirty! You can use it during bathtime or between baths if you furbaby is a mud magnet.

What if my dog licks their paws after use?

Don't worry it's safe! All of the Lightning Soft Paws products are all natural and okay for licks. 

 Do any of your products expire?

All of our products are guaranteed for a year from purchase. All products are made to order and completely fresh. They do not expire but their texture may change if kept for over a year.

Any questions we didn't address? Send us a message at LightningSoftPaws@yahoo.com or direct message us on Instagram @LightningSoftPaws