Essential Oils

We LOVE essential oils.

First off, they add all natural, non offensive scent. They're easy on the nose because they're from nature. Second, they have additional good-for-you benefits! Essential oils can do everything from relaxing you to amping you up. Below is a list of the essential oils we use and a few of their doggy benefits:

Jasmine - Heals scars, improves mood

Cedarwood - Repels bugs, pain reliever

Vanilla - Relaxes, improves mood

Lavender - Relaxes, enhances circulation

Peppermint - Antimicrobial, improves focus

Eucalyptus - Antimicrobial, odor remover

Lemon - Antimicrobial, odor remover

Sweet Orange - Inflammatory, detoxifies

Bergamot - Heals scars, improves mood

Rose - Relieves anxiety


Essential oils