Lightning Soft Paws Benefits

Help! My dog's paws are cracking what can I do?

Our paw creams are formulated to both prevent and heal cracked paws. Shea butter inherently features vitamins A & E. The American Kennel Club agrees, 'It's not unusual for dogs to have cracked or dry pads. If dogs spend a lot of time on rough surfaces such as concrete runs, they will eventually have thickened pads. Dr. Hammer says, "The best thing to do is rub Vitamin E cream into the pad just like you would if you used hand lotion on your own hands. But be sure to rub the ointment in well so the dog doesn't lick it off."'


My dog's nose is so dry that it looks painful. Is there a natural solution?

Definitely! We created the Sniffer Soother cream after a few of our Instagram friends started using their paw creams on their noses. This was an upgrade for noses because it's unscented AND contains ultra moisturizing jojoba oil. This is more soothing for sniffers while not irritating your pup with scent directly by their olfactory receptors.


What can I do to protect my dog's paws from hot sidewalks?

We created the Paw Shield for pups that encounter hot sidewalks, frozen surfaces, or rough terrain. The soy wax base creates a thin layer between the paw and the elements. Putting shield on before long walks can prevent injuries and burns. Please note, we still recommend using the back of your hand as a test for hot sidewalks.