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2017 Winter & Spring Models

We wanted to introduce you to all of our current models! Penny // @PennyDoxie Penny is a young Dachshund from Hawaii. She spends her days swimming in the ocean, accessorizing with bows, and being straight up adorable. She uses the Bloom paw cream which features jasmine essential oil. Buster // @BustertheBombPom Another pup from the Aloha state? Yup! We couldn't resist Buster the bomb Pomeranian Fox Terrier mix. Buster enjoys surfing as well as being wheeled around by his humans. He pampers himself with Uplift paw cream which includes bergamot essential oil.   Allie // @PittiePupAllie Allie is a six year old rescue from Oregon, so we had a soft spot for her from the very start. She's a beautiful mix of American...

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