Making a Home for a Special Little Critter

Making a Home for a Special Little Critter

 By Jessica Brody


Pets are the greatest cure for boredom, as you’ll never get tired of their non-stop affection and lovable antics, such as begging for treats or rubbing against your leg in search of belly rubs. Plus, with a dog or cat in the house, you’ll never be alone. This is enough reason to get one, so it’s time to head out to the shelter or pet shop and pick one up — after you’ve undertaken the right preparations, of course. Here’s what you want to make sure of.


They’re the Right Breed


Some dogs are quiet, while others are quite loud. Some like to run around and play, while others prefer to chill. So, how about you? If you pass your time on the sofa with a book, you may not want a crazy beast running circles around your home begging to be taken to the park for a game of fetch. You may be more comfortable with one of the lazier breeds of dog, or even a cat with a penchant for naps in your lap. Oh, and get tested for pet allergies before it’s too late, as either cats or dogs might be completely off limits.


They Have Enough Space


So, you’ve found the breed for your personality, but will it be happy in your home? Be honest with yourself, as you don’t want to make the poor animal’s life miserable, and that’s sure to be the case if you try to cram a large German shepherd into a tiny apartment. There are plenty of options if you don’t have a big house and yard, though. Cats don’t need a lot of room, and neither do many dog breeds, such as basenjis and pugs.


They Meet Your Needs


Pets are a wonderful addition to your life no matter who you are, but they offer unique benefits to those who are recovering from substance abuse. They provide a great source of stress relief thanks to the little oxytocin rush you get every time a puppy looks in your eyes, and the good vibes aren’t restricted to dogs. Furthermore, a pet’s love is completely committed and non-judgmental. They don’t care about your past, only that you care for them now. There’s debate about which breeds serve best as therapy animals, with two of the most common being Labrador retrievers and greyhounds.


Your Dwelling is Ready


If that’s not the case, your dog or cat could be in danger. Hide anything potentially poisonous, like cleaning products, behind closed doors before they get their snout into it, say the experts at PetHub. Likewise, cords and cables should be tucked away somewhere their claws can’t reach. Speaking of claws, consider a scratching post for your feline so your furniture doesn’t get torn to shreds. You should also make sure you stock up on food to ensure your new companion stays well-fed at all times. Keep in mind, however, that some pet foods are much better than others, which is why it’s important to read up on what you’re feeding your new friend before putting the food into his or her bowl. After all, maintaining their health is very important.


You Can Help Them Adapt


This may take some effort if you’re bringing home a rescue dog. They’re no less lovable than puppies from the pet shop, but they take more time to adjust due to their fear and anxiety from their life in the shelter. Be sure to take it slow and give them plenty of space, but not too much affection, according to the dog lovers at Cesar’s Way, as you need to establish some ground rules. Once at home, don’t go inside, but take a walk around the neighborhood. When it is time to open the door, make sure you enter first!


You Know How to Bond


Your dog or cat may have made themselves comfortable, but are they just a new resident? That depends on whether you’ve developed a close relationship, which can only be achieved with more tender loving care. Bonding may take time, but there are little hacks to speed up the process, like giving them treats and letting them sleep in your room. Remember to play with them every day, and taking them along on a hike or camping trip could work wonders in bringing you both closer.


By this time, you should have a new member of the family, and you’ll be attached to your pet like it was your own son or daughter. Enjoy the good times together, and don’t forget the belly rubs!


Image via Pixabay


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